Fellowes 79ci Paper Shredder Review – The winner is here..

When looking for a shredder for office, home or as a personal model, Fellowes 79ci Shredder is a very good choice. Available for $239.99, Fellowes 79ci Shredder is reasonably fast and easy to use. It can chop paper into small shreds which can help to secure most of the documents, plastic cards, CDs, paper clips and many other items in addition to paper. It is very much dependable and is well priced for the level of capabilities it performs to get the job done accurately. Being an ultra quite shredder, it is high in demand. Also being 100 percent jam proof, the cross-cut shredder helps in minimizing the wastage. Thus, in turn, it is helping the accutane clean face online environment in many ways.

Fellowes 79ci Paper Shredder Review

Design of the Model:-

  1. The Fellowes 79ci Shredder measures 21.3 by 15.4 by 10.4 inches (HWD) weighing 33.33 pounds.
  2. The weight is more in the lid and is designed in such a way that it easily sits on four casters which are a bit difficult to snap the shredder into place.
  3. Having the larger capacity to carry out the task, it is a bit pricey than other models who can take the lesser weight. The Fellowes 79ci Shredder can easily chop the paper into smaller shreds.
  4. It has greater endurance as the credit rating agencies have given their take as this shredder can work twice as long without taking breaks.
  5. The bin capacity is six and can easily shred staples, credit cards, junk mail, paper clip DVs/Cds, etc.
  6. It is available in black and white in color.
  7. The maximum runtime in 20 min on/30 min off.
  8. The body of the shredder is made of plastic.
  9. Warranty provided is 2 years by the manufacturer.
  10. SafeSense® is the safety feature used by the company.

Features of the Model:-

  1. Advanced Safety – You can easily protect yourself by and your family while using shredding with patented SafeSense® Technology. The Fellowes 79ci Shredder features an ultra-advanced electronic safety sensor which very easily surrounds the entry of paper and itself disables the shredder when your hands touch the paper opening point.
  2. Energy Efficiency – The Fellowes 79ci Shredder features our Energy Saving System which is the only in the entire market that saves energy while being in use. This when in use, 80 percent of energy consumption is utilized from in use activity. Fellowes Energy Saving System maximizes the shredder energy into 100 percent savings the next time both in and out of use of the machine.

The systems in use are:

  • In use saving of energy – power an performance supply efficiency
  • Out of use of energy – sleep and standby modes
  • Overall, the average when calculated is completely based upon the derived daily usage value from three commercial competitive shredders.
  1. Ultra Quite Performance – The manufacturers have proven their accepted challenge of coming out with a shredder which is completely silent while performing the task. Normally when compared to other shredders, one can see the drastic difference. Others eliminate loud shredding noise with interrupting one’s routine. This is one of the best-shown features by the company.
  2. Superior Performance – The Fellowes 79ci Shredder is manufactured to last with superior quality steel cutters, powerful motor and parts which are engineered to surpass competitors. Available with cross-cut capability, it shows up enough to cut through hard plastic such as paper clips, credit cards, staples, CDs / DVDs and all the junk mail while double ensuring private important documents into unreadable pieces. Further, the 79ci features simple 6 gallons pull out bin for uncomplicated, simple and mess-free waste disposal.
  3. Advance Jam Prevention – The Fellowes 79ci are engineered in such a way to carry out any job with ease no matter how tough. It has three levels of advanced jam prevention with the patented 100 percent complete jam proof system. This system of Jam Prevention out stands the shredder from all other available in the market as none of them guarantee to be 100 per jam free.

Thus proving to be efficient in all direction, the Fellowes 79ci Shredder is ruling over in the market.

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