Best Paper Shredders 2019 – Shredder Reviews and Tests by Experts!

best paper shredderJust like that some of your personal documents, papers which contain confidential information which you don’t want anyone to know can’t be thrown just by crumbling it and throwing it in the dustbin. You need to be sure it is gone forever so here we present some best paper shredders reviewed by our team and give you the right shredder right away.

Good Thoughts Too Keep And Bad Thoughts To Shred

There are dozens of different paper shredder brands and models in the market, finding the best one really was a challenging task for us. After review all the products we have picked some according to the categories. Before Moving Forward, why not look for our best budget buy paper shredder picked up by our Experts.

Best Buy – Fellowes 79Ci

Best paper shredder 2019 – Comparison Table

Here’s the comparison table for the best paper shredders in the market.

Paper ShreddersShredder ModelBudgetOur Rating
Sentinel Pro Paper ShredderSentinel Pro FS3150PFriendly4.5/5
Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Paper ShredderFellowes 79CiPremium4.6/5
AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper ShredderAmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-CutFriendly4.2/5
AmazonBasics 12-Sheet high-security paper shredderAmazonBasics 12-Sheet High-SecurityFriendly4.4/5
Bonsaii EverShred paper shredderBonsai EverShred C149-DPremium4.7/5
Swingline Paper Shredder ReviewSwingline Paper ShredderFriendly4.3/5
AmazonBasics 24-Sheet Paper ShredderAmazonBasics 24-SheetFriendly4.5/5
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Best paper shredder 2019 – Quick Suggestions!

We found out the best paper shredders to bring the most authentic shredder for you which money can buy.

However, in many countries, offices are already working with paper shredder with which they are able to store the important information inside and they can dispose of the unnecessary information. You can also know more about it and then look forward to buying this device. Purchasing them online is also an option that companies do have.

There are many online merchants which are selling shredders for their office. They have a wide collection of shredders and that one which suits their office space and requirement. You can also look for the different shredders available and can compare their prices too. These shredders are available with their reviews and also they offer warranty and timely delivery as well. There are lots of features that are available with these best paper shredders.

Best paper shredder – Top Picks!

The best paper shredders list for Dec. 2018 has been compiled by our Experts below – enjoy!.

#1 Sentinel Pro FS3150P 30-Sheet Strip-Cut

This paper shredder is available on every online portal and you can purchase it easily. Not only affordable, but it also has features like it is a high capacity device which helps in shredding paper quickly. It also has manual revise function so you can clear paper jams easily too.

Sentinel-Pro-FS3150P Review

This shredder is coming with a capacity so you can easily shred devices like credit cards, CDs, and DVDs along with the paper. It can shred for up to 2 minutes before going for a cool down period of 30 minutes and it contains the capacity of 8.14-gallon bin.

It is a heavy duty material and equipped with various functions. This shredder is having a dimension of 17.9X14X25.7 inches and has a weight of 35.3 pounds. You will also get a warranty for the product as well.

If you are going to get the review of the product, those who have purchased it rated well and reviewed positively also. You may even get a durable product which is in your budget.

What we like
This paper shredder machine will be effective in the long run for the big companies as they will be able to decompose their documents in a short span of time.
What we don't like
This Paper shredder device is space consuming device and may not get fit in the smaller offices and houses. This is also an expensive deal for the start-ups or small offices.

Best Paper Shredders Under $200

#2 Fellowes 79Ci 100% Jam Proof

This is the best paper shredder coming from one of the most trusted and valuable brand Fellowes and it offers a great experience to the people. You can shred 16 pieces of paper through this device at one time and it has a structure of 397 (5/32” X 1-1/2” Security Level P-4).


You can shred thinks like compact discs, DVDs, along with paper and shred staples and paper clips too. It can run up to 20 minutes of time before going for a cool down period. This device is actually a workable device for a long time as it is 100% jam free and it eliminates paper jams through tough jobs.

It has a 6 gallon of pull out bin and it is a LED bin. This is actually running with the latest technology as it has sensing device SafeSense Technology that stops the shredder to perform if your hands touch the paper opening.

Buying online can also be very effective as they are offering some of the best prices that are available and also over that you can get some additional devices or discounts that can make your shopping easier and convenient.

Also, they deliver the product on time and you will also come to know about the packet that what it contains and what it offers. This device is coming with a warranty from the company and had some positive reviews too. People do have a trust in this brand and they are getting an environment-friendly device that is really important for your decomposition of waste.

You can actually compare the product with other products and there are some features that you will feel really amazing. It is a shredder that you can use for household purposes, it shreds heavy materials as well along with papers, this shredder is child safe and pet safe and has the latest technology that offers better security while using the device.

What we like
This best paper shredder is technology embedded as it is having LED lights and good for the purpose, it is getting common these days in the offices and also protects people.
What we don't like
Since it is just a small device where you can shred 16 papers at one time, you will not be able to get much benefit out of it in the places where lots of papers are to be shred within short span of time.

Best Paper Shredders Under $100

#3 AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper

This product is again coming from a very good brand and with some extended features that you will love to use. You can actually use this device to shred all kinds of confidential information. It has a 4.2 gallon of the waste bucket and has an integrated handle that offers easy emptying.

AmazonBasics-12-Sheet Review

This shredder has control and feature button and with a top value brand, you can store the waste products at one place that you can dump after using it. The major drawback feature of the device is that it shreds up to 12 sheets at one time and helps in destroying your plastic money along with DVD and CD. You can buy this device with reliability from the manufacturer and will get proper support through it too.

The technical feature of the device is that it will automatically shut down if any foreign object is inserted. The manufacturer is offering the warranty of 1 year and is easily available in the market.

Those businesses which are having a problem in buying the device through markets can also use internet portals which are offering this device at a better rate. Also, the product is available with some extensive more features too. The seller does not offer too much packaging material too and whatever there they all are recyclable.

The best part is that businesses which are the start-up or middle level with budget constraint can also afford this device. Payment options are available and they are shipped inside the country within a week working days and the sellers are also selling them in other countries too.

This makes it easier for people to buy the product easily. It can cut into strip cut, cross cut and micro cut depending upon the size of the paper too. Customers are also very much favoring this device and are purchasing this as well with great zeal.

Just because of its features and performance, it is creating a lasting impression on the customers and this is giving rise to its sale and popularity.

What we like
While going to buy this product, you should keep one thing in mind that this is a simple machine for households and you will really love its function too. This is having the latest design and exclusive features.
What we don't like
It will get jammed if you will apply too many papers at one time and for big companies, destroying papers is not easy as you have to take out time and it also contains garbage of a very small amount.

Best Paper Shredders Under $150

#4 AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High-Security

Another yet very elegant best paper shredder from the Amazon Basics brand is available which has many good features in it. It can shred 12 sheets of papers at one time along with CD and DVDs. This shredder is high security and shreds micro cut.

AmazonBasics-12-Sheet-High-Security Review

You will get pieces of papers like 5/32 by 15/32 inches and it is having a speed of 6 feet per minute. It has 9.1-inch wide paper feed and it has 6.7 gallons of pull out bin.

This device can offer you 8 minutes of nonstop run time with 45 minutes of cold downtime. It has features like auto start and manual reverse so that to clear paper jams.  Most of the corporate offices where a large number of documents are printed and need to be destroyed, this device is very much impeccable and it is handy along with being very much affordable. Too. It has a measure of 24.29 X 17.01 X 13.39 inches. The product is available in many online stores and the company is also offering a warranty of 1 year on this product.

It is an international quality and from a trusted brand and the company is also offering some discount features which you will come to know over the websites. This multi-page shredding device is easy to keep in one corner and you can take help in shredding whatever documents you have and it will do it without being jammed.

While going to purchase online, you will come to know many other features of the device and also it is delivered to you within a short span of time. you can also compare different other and best paper shredders with this device to check if it is one of the devices you are looking for.

What we like
Best device in paper shredder context for the offices and it also comes with certain good features too. You will love working with it as it a globally recognized brand and offers a delightful experience.
What we don't like
The cooling time for this machine is 45 minutes after a small time of operation. This shows that the machine is not much capacity for the professionals who are in the last minute rush to decompose papers.

Best Paper Shredders Under $150

#5 Bonsai EverShred C149-D 12-Sheet Micro-cut

Being a very highly reputed and international brand Bonsaii, the product is a much-demanded product in the large numbers of organizations. Since many big companies do have the papers which contain confidential matters related to their customers, products and services, their internal information and much more which they need to destroy as soon as possible.

Bonsaii-EverShred-C149-D Review

This machine allows an individual to use it as per their convenience and it is quite reliable for this too. The very important feature for this device is that it offers a continuous running of 60 minutes without requiring a cool down break and without stopping.

This can shred mass documents easily. It can shred the documents which are of measure 5/32 X 2/5 inches which are 4mmX10mm. It is a high-security device that can shred 12 sheets at one time. This device is also having a transparent window through which you can check if it is full and you need to make it free for more.

The wastebasket is 6 gallons in capacity and is frequent emptying. To avoid paper jams, it has auto start and auto reverse function so that you can also get rid of frustration. Although the device is somehow an expensive device which as compared to other small devices but it is convenient for the big offices and it’s a boon to them as well. For a sustainable use of this device for a long time, it offers to overheat and overloading protection.

This makes this device serve you purposefully lifelong. It also needs some maintenance after which you can expect a better response from it. Bonsai EverShred C149-D 12-Sheet Micro-cut is available through online merchants and will be delivered within 2-3 working days. It also has a warranty of 1 year as provided by the manager.

What we like
Ideal device for paper shredding which offer you jam-free shredding and easy to use as well. The company also focused on the device and offered it a new look and elegant for better performance.
What we don't like
As the machine is having this kind of feature, its noise is very low which allows it to use for a long time and infers quite smooth and better shredding purpose. You need to wait for one hour after shredding for first 10 minutes.

Best Paper Shredders Under 100

#6 Swingline Paper Shredder

Swingline is offering a product which is best in the market and customers are also satisfied with its service. This machine is very much better as it can shred at least 14 sheets of paper, CDs, and DVDs at one time and it doesn’t get jammed. It also offers a 5 gallon of the waste bin which collects the garbage and offers a fast service through it.


Its cutters are very delicate and can cut heavy things too. This product is coming from a very reputed brand and it offers a delicate and stylish design along with the super cross-cut shred style.

It is a high-security device and it has an indicator to serve the notification to the customers. Customers may get this product online and they can check the reviews of this product which are awesome. Those customers who already had purchased the product are having great work through it and it is reliable and long durable too.

Though the company is offering a warranty of one year, you can read the user manual to get the more important information related to its care and life. Since it is for domestic purposes, this is simple and affordable and households may actually find it easier to dispose of few things through this way.

The online companies are not taking much time from their side in packaging and shipping the product so if you will order it today, you may receive it within 3 working days. You can even junk mail without even opening it too.

All kinds of plastic money can also be destroyed through this way. It offers 20 minutes of run time in one session before taking a cool down break and there are indicators which inform for every action that the shredder is taking.

What we like
A letter size sheet is shredded into 400 pieces. This makes this shredder quite reliable and international quality shredder among others. The company also focused on its size and pace that it may cover.
What we don't like
This can be used for small businesses and mid-level businesses and for professionals. You can also make use of it in your domestic purposes too. However, it would be a challenge for big organizations to take this machine into consideration.

Best Paper Shredders Under $50

#7 AmazonBasics 24-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper

Another very useful material from Amazon Basics is thus 24 sheets cross-cut paper shredder. So basically, this is a perfect device for many big companies as it can shred 24 sheets of papers, CDs, DVDs and other documents in one go. It can shred paper into the strip of 7/32 X 1-27/32 inches. It comes with a size of 26.2 X 16.3 X 11.9 inches also have 7 gallons of the waste bin which is of maximum size under paper shredder category.


This is having the unique feature of thermal protection along with auto shut off. If you are purchasing this device from the market or through the internet, you will get the manufacturer warranty of 1 year. Another advantage that customers get through purchasing online is that they can get some gifts too along with this product which is clubbed in the same price. The product is affordable and it offers great value for money.

You will use it for the long duration if proper care and treatment are offered. Customers who purchased this product are also writing positively about the product which is increasing its brand value in the market. It is a moveable shredder so you can keep it at any place where you are comfortable.

This paper shredder device is not heavy to carry as well. The power cord of this device is nicely implemented at its back so that it can hug the wall easily and with storage of 7 gallons, you can use it for a long time.

What we like
It has LED indicators for the different functioning of paper shredder along with overheat, standby, door open and overload functions. This paper shredder device has some other functions too such as auto start and auto reverse feature and also clear paper jams.
What we don't like
Not for small offices and also a bit expensive device for multinational companies too if they do not have many documents to be shredded on daily basis. You need to look for its performance and understand it properly if you are about to use it.

Introduction to office paper shredders:-

Different government offices, multinational companies, businesses, and professionals keep a paper shredder device. This is a mechanical device which is used to cut paper into strips or fine partials. It is important just to avoid any misinterpretation or removing any confidential data. Also, it is safe in terms of keeping privacy and a recommended device too.  It is often suggested to shred the important documents such as credo card bills, income tax documents, bank account statements or any legal document. Paper shredder 2019 is actually very popular these days and is an effective device too. As they are so important and common machines these days, let us understand the use of those devices in the context of different places:


These days, keeping confidentiality is increasing for the businesses as to get into the competition. This is important for them to get these machines installed which will offer them a safety to remove the important information which is to be remaining internally. These shredding machines can be installed near to the person who is highly designated.

Government offices

Lots of government offices have different important information such as income tax department have the list of people who are defaulters in tax and their amount, banks have the information about their customers and their confidential statements, and railway departments may have the information about the people who are traveling and much more. to avoid any risk or uncertainty, these paper shredders are of great use.    


People who are professionals such as lawyers, doctors, medical practitioners, company secretaries, chartered accountants have the important and legal documents that are to be destroyed when they are of no use to avoid any misbehavior of those papers. If they have paper shredders in their offices, they can easily remove those papers out of their use and can remain safe.

As this device is so important, they are available easily for a person and they can take good use of it too. So, many of the online shopping channels are also selling this machine and many markets to hold this device which you can buy easily. Also, since they are popular these days worldwide, there are many companies which are offering this product in the market.

Points to be noted before buying paper shredder:-

They also cause some problems to people as they are time-consuming to shred a paper, not very much safe to use if proper guidance is not provided, may sometime chops your fingers if done carelessly and also not so cost effective as there are lots of devices required in office.

The purpose of using the paper shredder

best paper shredders in the market

As the competition is increasing these days, many private firms are installing these paper shredders in their offices to get proper assistance in hiding the important information. Although as computers are there to store some confidential data and to provide a proper backup of all the data, these devices can chop that information which is sensitive. Throwing paper anywhere like this disturbs the environment and also makes no means.

This can also expose or leak the information which is not to be disclosed. Then too before buying, there are certain questions that pop up in the minds of every businessman that what is so special about paper shredder and how could it be a long-time and durable investment.  Let us know their importance:

  1. It offers safety for the business and organizations. If a business wants to keep things as secret, they can use it so that it can turn profits in their favor. Shredding of important papers instead of dumping or throwing them is better as you can avoid your competitors knowing your secrets. No matter how hard the paper is you can shred it easily. Not only papers, but you can also shred CD’s, tape cassettes, credit cards and other disposable items too. This can offer relief to the companies and they can perform their operations easily.
  2. If a company is going to the shredding documents then they have two different options available. One is to purchase a device of a paper shredder and second is to look for the mobile shredding service. The first option seems to be the less expensive one as compared to the other. This is better for the mid-level and small companies as they have limited documents to shred. Also, if a large company have to shred a small amount of paper, then also they can buy it. It is a cost-effective solution for keeping your documents safe.
  3. Waste management is a very delicate issue for the organizations these days. Every organization wants to dispose their waste in a proper manner and to keep their office clean and organized. Shredding the paper keeps your office and desk tidy and clean as it does not hold any spare paper around. Also, it has a base which collects all the waste so that it may not blow anywhere. This makes the waste management in the organization properly. If employees are trained for this sustainable technique this will help them in keeping surroundings clean.
  4. Paper is a recycle material so if any organization is shredding paper, this may help them in keeping environment cleans too. Shredded papers are good for composition and they can ship the shredded paper to the dumping zones from where they can go for recycling purpose. It is the best eco-friendly drive which every organization can take on. This can also help them in creating soil for the plants which can help the environment when everyone is fighting against global warming.
  5. Certain banks, financial institutions, telecom industry run under a legal obligation to destroy their customers’ very important documents. This is important because this information can roam anywhere and can harm them. In such cases, it is easier for the organizations to shred the paper which is confidential. It is very important for the professionals to keep the privacy of their clients and through a paper shredder; they may not only destroy their important documents and can also keep them safe too.
  6. Since there are wide verities of shredders available in the market, it is not so difficult for the organizations to find the best shredder available. As they have to think of the papers that they need to destroy every day and how much they are dependent on paper which can help them in making a right decision to buy the best shredder. You can get the idea of these shredders online and then you can make the selection after checking their details.
  7. They are good for security purposes as well. However, every organization has to know the use of it which makes it possible easily to use shredder carefully. The instruction guide is mentioned and you can ask for the demonstration as well so that you can come to know its usage. A proper guidance is also mandated to go through the device.

Advantages of  the paper shredder

The main feature of paper shredder is that they are the device which can turn sensitive things or documents into waste and secure them against any frauds or malpractices. This is one of the actual reasons why they are effective for the offices where sensitive information travels in every department.

Almost every organization wants to play safely in their industry keeping their internal information secure about their products and services, customer details and others.  There are much more benefits that a paper shredder can draw to the offices instead of only one. Let us understand the benefits part of the devices in detail:

  • It provides safety to the documents and relief to the company and its directors and customers to stay relax that their information will not go anywhere else. The device destroys the paper in a right way.
  • Paper shredding devices are sensitive machines and proper training of the employees for the same is important. If the organization does not want their employees to be in trouble in learning the use of the machine, they can hire a third party vendor which can come down and process the machine for your employees. It saves a lot of time and it is an affordable investment too and it also saves time.
  • Paper is a recycled material. Through paper shredding devices, you are just offering to recycle of papers and not wasting it. This is the best way that you can help your environment keeping neat and clean and also offer it in circulation as well. Since every household and every organization works on paper and they need to throw it here and there, paper shredder device keeps all your junk in one place and helps in keeping a sustainable environment.
  • Few companies come under cyber protection and federal law according to which you cannot share the information of your company to other people outside your business. Through paper shredder devices, those companies can go effective in destroying those documents of all nature just to get a safe side from the government and being on criminal offense.
  • This is also a one way of building trust with your customers. Many companies do not share their customers’ details to other companies or people and if you are not sure you can just use this device and at the end, you can enjoy your customer relationship peacefully with building a strong goodwill in the market.
  • It helps in protecting the environment in every possible way. Keeping garbage anywhere or throwing paper and other things here and there can cause damage to the environment of the office which can result in bad health problems to the employees. Thus, to protect their interest in the organization and offer them a healthy life, paper shredders are of great use. The waste bin collects the garbage into it and your office peon can throw them easily to the junk place. With a little bit help, an organization can affect the environment in a positive manner.

Disadvantages of the paper shredder

Being very much effective in keeping your documents and information safe, paper shredder devices do carry some of the disadvantages too. This device in every organization is kept in one corner along with printer from where an employee can junk their documents and it also wastes their time in doing all these stuff too. However, you need to invest in it as well while keeping the information safe. In every manner, it brings some challenges to the organization to re-think about purchasing or installing the device. Let us understand those challenges that every office face about paper shredder:

  • The first and biggest challenge is of identification. There is no storage of cutting knives or blades inside the paper shredder and machine and it does not make a difference between the items either it is a document or a jewelry, finger, long sleeves or anything.
  • Many devices are coming with battery powered which is again not good for the companies as they are not able to judge if the device is working or power off. You are actually not also very much sure about the usage time of the device.
  • This is a time-consuming process. Your employees need to stuck in one place and have to dispose of the items which will take time. There are many documents that a company carry with some confidential details and to decompose that information through a paper shredder, it will take time as it has some capacity to shred paper at one time and also need a cooling break after few minutes too.
  • It requires high investment in installing the devices in such manner. The purpose and its usage will decide the size of paper shredder you will require. Also, while installing multiple devices can also make you think about it. In fact, if you are not allowing your employees to get training through it, then you need to hire a person who knows its purpose properly and then you need to pay him as well. These types of things always matter while thinking about to purchase appear shredder.
  • It might disturb in working of other employees as it causes noise pollution. The employees who are sitting next to the machine or may be at some distance may get frustrated because of the noise which will disturb their health and working of the organization in a similar manner.

Factors to be considered while buying the paper shredder

While going in a dilemma of buying or not buying this device for the organization, there are lots of things that an organization looks for before buying the paper shredder. They need to know the minds of the employees and their thoughts on its installation and benefits before putting it on the floor for use. not from the employee’s point of view but from the organizations’ point of view, there are lots of things that are to be considered important. Let us know about those points which matters while going to buy a paper shredder:

  1. Depending upon the size of the organization, its usage is to be considered important. Many companies actually require its importance and others go for some small importance so you need to understand the usage first before buying the machine.
  2. Every employee is not so perfect in running all kinds of devices. You need o train your employee or need to check that who is capable of taking proper care of the paper shredder device as it is a sensitive machine and ask him to provide training or information to another employee on the same.
  3. While going to buy a paper shredder, you always focus on your budget. There are many variants of the same device are available in the market but again you need to look for its usage and importance. It is affordable for every organization but you need to focus on your budget in the long run.
  4. If your paper shredder device is not working properly, you need to call someone for its repair and if its parts are not working then you need o replace it. You need to ask the salesman if the spare parts of the paper shredder are available in the market or not. Also, need to do a proper research from your side about the availability of the same brand, the company details, the parts which may be replaced and warranty detail. This makes a smart shopping possible.
  5. There are several companies in the market and the customer service of every company is different from the others. You need to look for the company which is good for its customer service and which offers a better and satisfactory after-sales service. This you can understand through the trust of the customer and on their reviews on that product.
  6. Your paper shredder is going to help in making your environment better. Thus, you need to be sure that you are buying a genuine product from your seller. This is possible when you will go for the trusted brand available in the market. Also, understand its features before buying the product.

Wrapping up

These are the few points that are to be considered important while going to buy the best paper shredder. You also have to know about the device properly, its function and should be comfortable using it as well. For a demonstration, you can ask your seller who will provide you to know its basic concepts.

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